Is there any interest in taking a joint trip to Washington, DC this Spring? It would be sort of an EdCamp for students...sessions that we organize throughout the city, bringing in all of the US History & US Government experts we can get to sign on.  

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Angela, I would be interested.  I took a group to Washington last year with Smithsonian Travel and wished for something less tourist and more scholarly.

I am currently registered to take my students next Spring with Worldstrides. Are you thinking of planning this yourself or going with a company to help plan the trip? 


i've signed up with world strides as well.  I'm waiting for them to get back with me about pricing and itinerary.
I'm thinking about planning this myself.  It would give us more control over the curriculum...and it would keep costs down.
I have been in Washington a few times, and I kept thinking as I was dragged around with Smithsonian Travel that I could do this better.  I'd definitely be interested in doing something.
Awesome!  Let's start looking at dates so we can get an idea of price.
Let me know if I can help in any way on the ground in DC/if you would want to meet up with my students to get local input :)


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