Who's interested in having an AP chat? We could crowdsource content and methods bi-monthly or whatever the group decides. Let me know if you are interested. The classes we discuss would change from chat to chat. AP World, AP Gov, AP US, AP Human Geo, AP Psych, etc.

Let me know what you think.


Ok, we had our first APChat on Thursday 7/28 and it was a good start. I've decided to open it up to all AP courses in order to serve more people. We will have a poll to vote on topics and a day and time. Best Practices will be the focus but content chats will be included from time to time. 


If you some favorite projects you use with your students, please share them here and I will add them to a doc of resources. 



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Sounds like a great idea.  I am always trying to figure out better ways to tackle such a huge course.
I would join in on that!  Of course, I only teach Euro, but I would love to hear what others are doing as well!
I love this idea!  I am the only social studies AP teacher at my school, so I don't get a lot of support at work.  I would love to be able to connect with other APUSH teachers
I'm in for an AP SS chat. Regardless of the specific course we are focusing on for a chat, I'd always come away with things to  reflect on!
I'm in!  Now that I have a better handle on the content, I need to think about strategies, etc. Can't imagine a better group of people to push my thinking.
I'd like to schedule an AP SSChat for the last week of July. It would be on a different day than Monday. I suggest Wednesday but I'd like to hear from everyone else. Also, I'd like to start a GDoc for topic questions and ideas. Here you go.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KKf_FBlkH5FJMLx7IK5idvBzcfUaBFq...
I would love to participate.  I teach AP US but I have taught AP Gov and AP Euro.  Any ideas are welcomed.  My scores were OK, but I had a bright (and lazy) group and am looking for ways to improve their experience (and mine).


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