How far along are you in reading Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death?

If you plan to join our discussion of Amusing Ourselves to Death, please reply to this discussion to let us know how far along you are currently, then again when you finish. When we have a group of people who've finished the book, we can begin discussing it. Thanks, and good reading!

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I just got the book and will start it soon, but don't wait on me. I know I am late to the party.
Enjoy your reading Michael. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
I am about a third of the way through. I expect to finish it this weekend. I read it years ago, so the reread is going quickly. I do feel like I am reading it in a different context, with new technology beyond television to consider.
Thanks Molly. I first read it in 1985 when it was originally published. It will be interesting to explore how the epistemology of TV compares with that of social media among many other things.

I'm half way through.  I'm hilighting away as I go.  I see this book in a critical media class that's been proposed at our district!  Thank you for recommending it!

I'll finish it this week, by July 16 if I put a date to it.  

Thanks for the update. I'm happy to hear that you find this a worthwhile and useful book. Also thanks for providing the date estimate for when you hope to finish. I'm looking forward to discussing the book with you.

Hi Bill,

I'm about 1/3 the way through. I remember reading this book soon after it was published. The concepts are the same but through a different lens. I'll join the discussion when I return from vacation in about 10 days.

I just started it, so I will be late to the discussion. (Go on without me as I will be incommunicado for a couple of weeks anyways). We use the book as a discussion piece in a philosophy class at our school (I do not teach that class), because of his discussions about Huxley and Orwell and how we often reference Orwellian futures, but not Huxleyan ones. (I hope that is not a *spoiler*). Anyway, I am looking forward to discussing it with you all (or reading your discussions about it) when I am back in the loop.
Just got the book (finally returned to the library) and started it yesterday, but am currently also reading 2 textbooks for the school year, so I might not finish with everyone else.  Don't wait on me either!
I finished about a week ago. Will be out of country for about 10 days so will converse after the date if possible
Bon Voyage! I'm certain we will still be here, ready to converse with you on your return. Again, thanks for the thoughtful questions you provided.
I just started as well. I'm really looking forward to discussing it!


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