Please add any ideas you would like to share about how EdCamp Social Studies should look.

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what about creating a survey with various options (many may not have been to an edcamp before and unsure of the possible formats, and endless possibilities for content).  Could give us a good idea of what people would want to get out of the edcamp. 
I imagine a few things:

Content Chats: This may be too simplistic - have a few sessions about a time period/topic and just brainstorm about :
what kids need to leave knowing about this time period
and then brainstorm resources/tools etc for it

Super Smackdown: Share a tool and then room brainstorms places to use it/ways to use.

A Share Fair- one lesson/idea that you think is pretty good and want to share/develop!

OK, thinking out loud, here...

I am all for this and more than happy to help plan, facilitate, fund-raise, etc.  I've attended others, but never planned one.  It'd be fun to learn and organize.  As far as presenters, given the nature of the unconference, that wouldn't be determined until the day of the event, no? 

If we call it a "Social Studies" EdCamp, I am thinking that we could break content into subcategories.  Often, I lurk in the sidelines of #sschat because many times it is History focused (I teach government). 

We could poll for requests, but I am thinking in terms of one room for History, one for Government/Citizenship, one for Geography, one for Economics, one for Psychology/Sociology, etc., in order to be inclusive of multiple realms of social studies.  We could likely get it two AM sessions and two PM sessions in each room.  I've thought about a separate one for technology, but really, I'm guessing most would naturally incorporate into each of their areas.

I'm more than happy to present on Global Collaboration and purposeful collaborative projects given my work with the Flat Classroom Project.  This is a topic that could cover many diverse areas of social studies.


And, I definitely, definitely second Brad's Super Smackdown.  That is a must have.

I love Suzie's idea about breaking things into Psych/Soc,Econ, Geo...Next year I am only teaching Psych/Soc,but still love U.S. & World. So, just brainstorming that we do a share fair and people can bring as many lessons as they want for what they teach. I would be happy to see some of my Global, Geo & U.S. lessons used by other teachers.


We could also do a reading/writing strategies in the SS classroom. 


A few presentations would be nice such as Flat Classroom or maybe other info that our group presents at their schools.  I know Greg presents some cool stuff he could share. 


I think that we should have a meet up that night that is focused around a Trivia night (stole this idea from Molly).

Depending on location, my brother is a comedian & hosts trivia nights. He would totally do this for us.


I think a survey with possible dates & locations should happen this summer.


I'm super excited! 

I love your ideas and you're on for helping plan. Sorry about the history focus of sschat. We have been trying to plan better for the other subjects. Look for more chats in your area coming soon.


Great idea! We will have to discuss how we want to present that. We will have to determine a general budget and let people know ahead of time what the money will go to directly.

I love all of your ideas! Susie, we may very well take you up on your offer to help plan. Right now we are all busy with different projects or summer school. By the end of July I would like to convene a group via Skype to start laying out a plan. Those of you interested please leave me a message on Twitter or on here.
count me in to help!

Count me in to help plan #edcampsocialstudies   WOO!


If you guys need anything, please let me know. I am willing to volunteer.


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