I'm teaching AP Gov't for the first time next year and would be interested in any help from you guys. I'm in the process of selecting a textbook right now. Which one do you use? Any resources that you find to be useful? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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We use Government in America: People, Politics, & Policy.  I like the book and have found online and at conferences that it is pretty popular.  I've found several resources that seem to line up with the book as well by doing a google search.
That's the book I'm definitely recommending for my main text. I think that's the one I see the most on College Board and gets the most positive buzz. Thanks!
Here's the curriculum I'm writing so far... Any advice would be helpful.

Are you on the AP Gov EDG (Electronic Discussion Group)?

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So many helpful teachers and resources on it!

There's also a Google Doc account with tons of readings, activities, lesson plans, etc.

email: apgovtpolitics@gmail.com
password: constitution


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