Please post your Skype address, grade level, time zone and subjects you would be interested in Skyping.

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Ron_Peck ~

1. Skype address - ron.peck29

2. 10th - 12th grade

3. Pacific

4. AP World and AP US History, World History, Government

1.  ukiahcoachbrown

2.  11th -12 Grade

3.  Pacific

4.  AP U.S. History, AP Comparative Government, U.S. Government, Economics, International Studies and Global Politics.

Skype address: thalesdream

10-12th grade


US History 2: Civil Rights Movement Reflections

Multicultural Studies

US History 1: Year in Review/Student Interviews?

1. volumeoflogic

2. grade 8

3. Eastern (MA)

4. World History (medieval, early modern)

Are you still interested in skyping? I have 8th graders as well.  Let me know!  Thanks!



2. 9,10,11

3. Central

4. American Studies, World History


1.  anita.slater1

2.  Grades 8, 11, 12

3.  Eastern (Western PA)

4.  U.S. History (Exploration-WWI) and AP U.S. History

Ryan Wolcott:

1. ryanwolcott

2. 8th grade

3. Central

4. Civil War to Present


Actually, I'd really like to start out the school year with one of these. Anyone interested in Skyping a discussion/debate about the start of the Civil War? Maybe middle of September?

Hi Ryan,


How old is the group that would be discussing the Civil War?  I teach 8th graders and we start with the Civil War.  Let me know if you are interested!  I'd have to talk to my principal and figure out logistics, but I think it would be interesting!  



Hi Elizabeth. I'm very interested! I teach 8th grade and start with the Civil War. I personally have never done this before, but our tech teacher does it all the time, so things should be fine on my end. Let me get the ok from my principal first too though.

My only concern is that I want to spend a couple of days at the beginning of the year with 9/11 stuff, but I'm sure we could find a way to make it work.

I'll send you my email address...

That is fine.  I want to do the same.  Plus, I need to talk to my principal and figure out logistics.  When do you go back to school?  We start classes on Sept. 6th.  Also, where are you from?  We are from Long Island, NY.  


I have the iPad2 and just downloaded the Skype App.  I am guessing that if I can figure out how to plug the iPad into the SMARTboard that could work.  I'll talk to my IT person when I get back to school.  I'm excited!

Students start back on Aug. 22. I was going to try to wait on the Civil War until after 9/11 anyway.


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