Please post your Skype address, grade level, time zone and subjects you would be interested in Skyping.

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Kris McGuire

1.  ksuemcguire

2.  7th grade

3.  Central

4.  Eastern Hemisphere (past/present)

Suzie Nestico (@nesticos)

1.  Skype Address:  nesticos

2.  10th - 12th grade

3.  Eastern (Pennsylvania)

4.  Principles of Democracy, American Government, Contemporary Events & 21st Century Global Studies

1.    Skype - sjarvis309

Twitter - stevejarvis47

email -

2. High School & Middle School

3. Central

4. 11th gr  Modern US History  WWI to Present

    8th gr  US History Revolution to Civil War

    7th gr Civics

Anyone want to skype with 7th or 8th grade students from NY?  One class skyped with a group from Georgia last week and I'd like to give my other three classes this opportunity as well!  Let me know if you are interested!  It was a lot of fun!



6th: Western Hemisphere History (Canada, Mexico, Latin America, South America, & the Caribbean)

7th: Ancient Civilizations

8th: US History - Revolutionary War through Reconstruction

Central Time Zone (Northwest Iowa) 

1. bford78

2. 11-12th grades

3. Eastern - NJ

4. post-Recon US, social movements/social justice

(Skype virgin as of 10/19/11)

Skype address: judyarzt

Grade: college first year students (English), college graduate students (education)


Subjects: English, social studies, science, education in general, any class or grade will work for the education class that has teachers enrolled

Classes meet M,W,F 1-2 pm EDT and W 4-6:30 pm EDT


7th & 8th


US history from exploration to Reconstruction (7th) & 20th century to present (8th)

**Would love to debate, discuss current events, collaboratively discuss/analyze primary source documents, simultaneously watch video/video clips, then group backchannel then post viewing/chatting skyping, discuss any similar assignments (we do many simulations throughout the year maybe similar to your assignments?), and anything else....we are pretty open!


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