We are having a big debate in our history department regarding the best method of taking notes for the traditional research paper: 3x5 notecards or NoodleBib type programs. Our department chair is a strong believer in the hand/brain connection; our librarian is riding the wave of the future (everyone else falls in the middle). Please weigh in.

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There is a language arts teacher in the middle school who requires the note cards... this is the one and only time in which the students will use this method of organization. She retires this year and so will the old-fashioned method of taking notes! :) I suggest using web 2.0 ideas for organizing students' research. My seniors are just now exploring several different options and some are finding success with pearltrees.com as a new way of keeping research organized.

As a middle school teacher, I think, I'm going to ask my high school teachers (language arts and social studies).  However, I'm thinking if I really want them to do it, a web 2.0 tool would be the best chance...


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