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I am looking for one Essential Question covering World War I in my Modern US History class.  Do you have one you like?  I would be open to any guiding questions you have on Causes of US Involvement, Wilson's War Message, Financing the war, Forced Loyalty, War Time Economy, Post War Economics, Impact on Minorities & Women, just to name a few areas.

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I haven't taught World War I in years - since I switched from 11th grade to 8th grade but I always used ...  

When is global conflict inevitable?

Why is global conflict acceptable?

What are the causes of global conflict.

Not much...but hope it helps a little.

Thank you Leticia, it does help.  This gives it a global slant and can be used for any conflict in our history.
I use a similar question for WWI and WWII - How did America affect WWI, and how did WWI affect America?  It works for 8th grade students, as it allows them to place the US in the international sphere and also lets them make connections to home front issues, the lives of soldiers, should the US have been involved, etc.
Thanks Chuck, this has helped and it is close to what I was thinking.
What enduring understanding do you want kids to walk away with Steve?  If you can pinpoint what you want students to remember 10 years from now, you may be able to develop a question that leads in that direction.  Just thinking out loud...

These touch on imperialims as well, because we combine WWI and Imperialism, but hopefully this helps:

1)   Should a Republic, like the USA, be an Imperialist Power?

2)   When is it okay to violate the sovereignty of another nation?

3)   Should humans always try to advance warfare technology?

4)   How does the nature and purpose of truth change in wartime?

5)   Should peace treaties be fair or favor the winner of wars?


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