June 2012 Blog Posts (2)

Prepping for the 6/25 #sschat on Tech Tools

To prime the pump for our time together this coming Monday, here are our discussion points:

Q1: What tech tools (sites) do you use to help prepare for your instruction? How? Give an example.

Q2: What tech tools do you use to get students into content? How? Give an example.

Q3: Which tech tools allow your students rich collaboration and discussion? How? Give an example.

Q4: What tech tools allow your students to show what they know in creative ways? How?…


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Kenneth Morgan, The Birth of Industrial Britain: Social Change, 1750-1850 (2004)

This is an excellent overview of industrialization's social impact in Britain.  Topics include work and leisure, living and health standards, religion and education, the poor laws, political protests, and crime.  Morgan gives lots of good information that could enhance a lecture or serve as the focus of a lesson.  He also gives clear and concise evaluations of historiographical debates and problems.  The book includes twenty-nine primary documents that could be adapted for classroom use. …


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