I've been a social studies teacher at the middle and high school levels for about 9 years and during this time the one thing that I learned that unites students of all backgrounds is that they just never seem to get excited by cracking open one of those 25 pound social studies textbooks.  (Crazy, I know)
I knew how awesome social studies really was and I wanted my students to understand this too. So, out of sheer desperation to get my students to engage with the material I began to surf and scour the libraries for the perfect resources.
What did I find? 
That I no longer had a life...
Call me obsessive (my wife does) but I spent hundreds of hours glued to a computer screen on the hunt for new games, videos, sound clips interactiuve lessons that would make up for the boring textbooks that I forced them to read.
Finally, I decided that the hit or miss nature of the internet was getting me no where but older.
So... to make a short story long...Over the past 9 years I have been writing hundreds of stories, and lessons and collecting countless videos and awesome weblinks,  to make my classroom more than just barely tolerable, but one that was an awesome experience in the true sense of the word. I wanted my lessons to not be hoops to jumped but experiences to be felt. 

I decided that there was a big need out there for quality resources that could be found on one website. 
Go Social Studies Go began to materialize and after months of formatting and writing and web searching Go Social Studies Go brings to you the most complete social studies teacher resources in cyber space. All for free.
Why free?
---because knowledge shouldn't have to be painful to the wallet. Hey, I know what a teacher makes these days. 
So, check out the website at: www.gosocialstudiesgo.com and tell a friend. 

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